Fabric Pre-Hook

PRE-HOOKS BUILT IN:   Our built-in Pre-Hook design eliminates the need for traditional shower curtain hooks

WATER RESISTANT:   All our fabric Pre-Hook styles have a durable water-resistant finish.   Water and soap simply run off

NO BOTTOM HEM:   Our unique heat-sealed bottom hem allows water and soap to run off without building up in a hem.

MACHINE WASHABLE AND DRYABLE:    Pre-Hook shower curtains are fully machine washable and dryable.     Simply follow the care instructions on the sew-in label

PACKAGING:   12 ea per carton

NEED A QUOTE: Please email your request for quotation to keith@sourcingsolutions.us or call 847-516-4069 (central time zone)

HOW TO ORDER: You can send orders to Orders@sourcingsolutions.us, fax to (847)-516-9768 or call (847)-516-4069